Friday, February 4, 2011

Quilt Update

The front panel is really almost done now. Everything is pieced together and the turtles are appliqued and hand embroidered. I have a little bit more hand embroidering to do on other parts of the top before I quilt and bind. But before I do that, this is the point where I like to stare at it and bask at all the work I've put into it (and pray I don't mess it up on the next step).

I am absolutely NOT great at doing perfect things. Really. I like things that flow together, that don't take lots of planning, that don't need to be perfect. Quilts kind of need to be perfect, or close to it. So it seems like around now is when I start to sweat. So before the sweating and crying and praying and hoping commences I will take this time to love the work I've already done. And I do...I really do. I love the way the colors came together, I love the feel of the linen and I love that the mom and baby turtle came out well. (they came out less detailed than I had planned...but as it turns out I love their simple folk-ish quality)

See how I work? A little planning and a lot of flexibility. (Like when I had MUCH less linen than I realized and had to improvise a bit...wait till you see how I pulled that one together and made it look planned)

This is the last you will see of the quilt until it is finished. Until then, please think happy thoughts so that I don't ruin what I've already done.

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