Monday, February 28, 2011

Craft Failure and Craft Success

Sometimes you just have to fail. This was a frustrating failure though. The project from beginning to end was horrible. I broke two needles, and the strips of fabric kept catching on the presser foot. The kids kept trying to talk to me and I was already SO frustrated that I ended up being frustrated with them.

(not fair, bad mom...I KNOW)

When it was done it was colorful, but horrible. Misshapen, oblong...AWFUL. But, I'll still keep it, failures can be good things. They make you remember how NOT to do things, which is good. But more importantly, it's how you learn. (This is where my 11 years of technical support comes in handy) I know now to use another presser foot, and to roll and secure the fabric before I start...and I know to use a big, sharp needle. And I know to wait until the kids are asleep for this one. I will revisit this again because I like the idea of being able to use up my little bits of fabric.

(especially the fabrics that aren't your favorite because the pattern doesn't show as much)

((and especially for the fabrics that ARE your favorite because you will smile every time you look at the the Lime Dot in the middle of this one))

Thankfully, this day had a craft-silver-lining; in the evening after I put the kids to bed I turned on the Oscars and set out to learn how to knit a cable. With the Stitch n' Bitch book on my lap and the Oscars on the tube I made this neat little cable. It was SO easy, I was really surprised. It seems like my knitting learning curve gets steeper and steeper, so it was nice to have an easy win.

I have so much more respect for knitters now. I had no idea the time and energy and patience that went into these projects. It really is amazing.

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