Monday, February 21, 2011

Knit Bunny

No, I didn't knit a bunny, but I was feeling crafty and not feeling plan-ny. So...I headed out to the garage (aka studio) and looked around at all that is left. I really want to use up some fabrics and sell some items before we move. I have so many fabrics that I really want to use up, rather than pack. But I wasn't ready to make something official, I just wanted to play around. So first I grabbed some felt and made a hair clip.

I thought I had worked through my crafty feelings for the day, so I went back into the house. But somehow, I just knew I wasn't after another cup of coffee I headed back to the studio and started cutting. I wanted to make a square storage container that looked like a bunny. And I wanted to come up with the dimensions for a set of creature storage containers, so I picked a size and cut. In the end I didn't plan the size right because it came out more like a tote. (I think I needed to take up more on the bottom corners to make a square instead of a rectangle.) But it was cute anyway...perfect size for a couple of skeins of yarn and my needles. And with it filled up it stands on it's own, so in the end it became a very narrow fabric storage container. The nose and mouth I embroidered after the bag was done. (normally I'd do it before it was sewn together so that the stitch-work wouldn't show, but like I said I wasn't in the mood to plan) This took about 15 minutes for the bag and another 15 for the face. Not too shabby for a crafty Sunday.

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