Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Case of the Greedies

I wrote a post about a giveaway I was going to have. I planned out the final product in my head and then set to work. The project took some twists and turns (literally) and became something a little different than I had planned. (All of my plans do this, so really I'm not sure I should ever plan anything) As it was coming together I began to fall in love with it. And by the time it was done, it could not be parted with. Something about the combination of colors and textures and techniques. Laurel loved it too and snuggled right in with the knitted center can I part with it now?

That's right, I cannot. I think instead I will make it a sister and they will live in the camper with us. It's just the cheery colors we needed in there. I would like to recover the sofa in the camper with something more neutral and less La Quinta, and I think this pillow (and it's sister) would look right-at-home on a neutral colored sofa.

Sorry...the giveaway will have to wait a little longer.

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