Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Brief Taste of Camper Life

The kids and I had to run to the new house yesterday, and while we were there I figured it was high time I start moving things into the camper. So I brought our games and some kitchen supplies and sheets. It felt good to start putting things into cabinets (thankfully we have a lot of cabinets).

We had a picnic in the camper (despite the gorgeous 70 degree sun outside), we played hide and seek (again, in the camper), we played Whack-a-Mole and dominoes (yep, in the camper). Apparently the kids were more excited by the camper than the introduction of early spring weather. Though, we did stop to look around to see if anything had bloomed yet...and it had!!!

Here is the view from the door of the camper, I can't wait until it's full and green. The telltale signs of future blooms are just starting to show and we were able to walk around the property and spot where things are going to bloom...and where we want to plant new things.

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