Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Knit a Sweater

It's true. I did. I got knitting and crocheting things for my birthday 4 days ago so that I could learn to do both. I started with knitting and learned the basic stitches (is that what you call them?), then I played around with crochet, and then back to knitting. After 4 days of practice (raveling and unraveling the same yarn) I finally decided to complete a piece. So I settled on a sweater and began making it. Whew. It took about 2 hours to complete...and it isn't perfect. (Give me a break...I'm new to this) I also used this sweater as a chance to practice alternating between knitting and purling. In the end the effect is lovely, if not a little random. it first sweater.

What, you thought I knit a REAL sweater??!?! Come on...that would be RIDICULOUS! I made a sweater for my coffee cup, similar to one I found on ETSY. (Except mine is not straight, has random holes and started with a row of 10, and somehow became 13...what's that about? (see?)

But I'm enjoying the process so far. I think I might actually like crocheting better...but I'll give it time. There is a skull sweater in one of my new crochet books that I can't wait to make for Luke...he'd be so cute in it!! (I will have to wait of course...until I get to that skill level) For now I'm content to practice and continue to ravel and unravel until I can figure out how I keep adding stitches to my rows. But I'm super duper glad that I have these new (very very new) skills to practice while I'm living in the camper. I think after a hard day of building, and then being trapped in the camper with sleeping kids and nothing else to do it will be great to have something to pick up and work on as I want.

Plus...since I have a sister and a sister-in-law who knit I have people to go to for questions...woo hoo!

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