Monday, February 14, 2011

Why I Love Crochet Part 2

Jewelry. Yep...crocheted wire jewelry. That is why I love crochet. It takes zero skill and few materials...and in 15 minutes you can have some really awesome looking jewelry.

The idea came from Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet. I didn't think the directions were great, so I just tried it out. I strung the beads first, then cast on and did a simple chain, pulling up a bead before I looped over the wire and pulled it through. That's the entire process. For a single chain bracelet it takes about 15-20 small to medium beads, for a necklace 40+ (40 made a choker length on me).

The green bracelet was a single chain, then a double crochet; so that takes about 40 beads. The pink necklace had a focal piece, so I placed it in the middle of the beads as I was loading them onto the wire. Start small and play around, it really was a lot of fun. For $35 I got three spools of wire, three bags of beads, 5 crochet hooks (about 6.5mm, size 10 I think), a set of tools (pliers and cutters) and a bag of lobster clasps. So far 6 bracelets and 4 necklaces have been made, with plenty more wire and beads to go.

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