Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crochet Jewelry: Matching Earrings

I couldn't resist some earrings to go with the bracelet I made. Especially now that I have shorter hair, earrings are a lot more fun to show off. So I threw these together with 15 beads and a light weight wire. I beaded up the 15 beads onto the wire, cast on, and then did a simple chain (bringing up a bead before I looped the wire to pull through). Finish the chain the same as regular crochet, cut the tail about 2-3 inches and pull it through the last loop. I then take the wires from either side and twist together. I fed the tails through a small jump ring and wrapped the wire around for a funky-finished look. I bought ear hooks that only required slipping the jump ring into place (as opposed to opening and closing it). And voila...finis. I finished the first one and put it on as I was making the second. Laurel came out and gasped as if I had created the most wonderful jewelry ever. (She's really an awesome kid and gives me WAY too much credit for being cool...wait till she grows up and realizes I am in fact a big goober!) Regardless if I'm cool or a goober (hopefully I'm somewhere in between) I hope she will always have a love of creating her own stuff. I think it's incredible to make something new, try something different and have a little fun! (and if it turns out awesome and wearable...all the better)

Warning---these are big---I wanted them that way, but you may not. With the type of ear hook and the size of the beaded earring it rests maybe an inch from my shoulder. (Shockingly light weight, but big nonetheless) So if you like something more moderate in size I'd halve the number of beads...or coil it up, make a figure eight, etc.

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