Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Where on earth have we been?

Sorry, I forgot to post...for 3 months.

I didn't REALLY forget.

I got wrapped up in other things.

Sound familiar?

Even in a life where we don't work, don't have obligations, appointments or expectations...sometimes you just get don't get stuff done.

Strange. It feels like we did this, in part, to have the time for anything we wanted. But, lately I feel like we don't have time for anything! Obviously that isn't true, I mean, jeez...we travel full time. We HAVE time. But somehow (just like regular life) time just gets away from you.

So here's the run down...

Most of May was spent looking at real estate in Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia and Kentucky. We saw places we liked, places we loved, and places SO frightening that we're trying to forget them! We fell in love with a few, and were even ready to buy. Unfortunately, the two we wanted sold right as we were ready to start making offers. Sigh.

So, we decided to take a break.

We went to...

Climbing the rocks at Little Round Top

Bullet holes in the town from the battle.

Icecream. Cause, you gotta stop for homemade icecream.

Yes, he is wearing an entire Union uniform, made lovingly by his grandma.

Cousins having fun at Devils Den.

Hershey, PA

Gabe's graduation party, riding the rides at Koenobles.

Dunkirk, NY

Panama Rocks, western New Yorks best kept secret! Climb, explore, and be free!

We had so much getting lost, and then found at Panama Rocks!

Dunkirk lighthouse museum. We had a great tour of the house, the lighthouse and the grounds.

Treasure hunting in the woods.Laurel found an antique bottle of "Kidney Cure" from the 1800s!

Riding in grandpa's Model A.

New York City

The Firefighters Memorial at the WTC. As a firemfighter's wife, 
this especially hit home.

The WTC memorials are really quite a sight. I was surprised how much they 
effected me. Something about the names all printed out, and the way the water fell once, 
and then again. It was really beautiful.

Chinatown was a big treat for the kids. They really wanted to see the 
roasted ducks hanging in the windows.

American Natural History Museum, this place was a ZOO!

Little raptor baby. So precious.

Central Park is a perfect place to rest from all the walking!

Just a little statue riding in Central Park.

Central Park Zoo, and our new favorite sea lion.

Train ride back from NYC. It was sad to say goodbye, but we had a blast.

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