Friday, January 28, 2011

A craft a day...(not quite)

I saw a Facebook page the other day for a 365 day craft challenge...a-craft-a-day. I thought that was a really awesome idea. Especially since I'm lucky if I sew one thing a week right now. Once we move into the camper it will be a major challenge to try and create something new every day. (I might need to turn to interpretive dance, or impromptu comedy since most of my crafting supplies will be trapped in moving boxes for the next 6 months) Though, I might be able to aim more for woodcrafts, since I will be using the power tools on a daily basis. With a compound miter saw and a pneumatic nailer available every day...who knows what I'll be able to create. (thank goodness for Ana White's's linked over on the right)

I'm hoping the studio in the new house will be one of the first (3rd to be specific) rooms that gets completed. I think that's an important order:
1) Bathroom
2) Kitchen
3) Studio
(It shows where my priorities are...)

Until then, I'd like to focus my time on new skills. Specifically ones that can be done from inside a camper, quietly, while kids are sleeping (like knitting and crocheting). Since we're not planning on having a TV in the camper there's even more reason to spend that free PM-time reading, hand sewing, crocheting, sketching, etc. Doesn't that sound nice?

For this week I decided to craft randomly (rather than do an every day sort of thing)
Sunday- yoga bag (I've already used it for four yoga classes this week...and boy am I sore)
Tuesday- French Press Cozy. I use my press every day, but never thought to make a cozy until I saw one on ETSY (the cloud-side is for AM coffee, the other side has stars for coffee in the evening...a special treat in this budget adhering house)

Saturday- Worked more on the baby quilt. (this is a work in progress, but the majority of the front panel is together)

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