Friday, February 11, 2011

Why I love crochet...

It seems I'm bouncing back and forth...get frustrated with knitting, start crocheting...get frustrated with crocheting, go back to knitting. Get frustrated with I just started Emma, and of course I am in the beginning stages of knitting and I have added three obsessive things all at once. My poor husband and children...they've heard me say "wait until I've finished this row" way too many times to count. (And somehow I forget to stop at the end of the row...and so I have to tell them again to wait until the end of the row...hee hee)

Knit, crochet, read...that doesn't sound like a bad life. Of course it can't be like that every day. I've given myself a bit of a free pass since it was a birthday gift and I'm just learning. Plus, it was sort of a snow day that should count for something. We had 1+ inches of snow in the morning, melted by lunch with bright sun and 50 degrees for the rest of the day. That's my kind of snow. It was so nice outside I sat and read while the kids played in the snow. (Seriously, that's my kind of snow)

So here is crochet project number 1...a cowl. I like it. I have the same problem with the apparent addition of stitches. (I didn't count them, but the piece is much narrower at the bottom than the top...but it's a's forgiving) I did the whole thing with a triple crochet (because I think it's pretty), and I can feel my fingers begin to pick up the natural rhythm of the process. I dig rhythms...makes everything flow so nicely. I still have my very duh moments where I can't remember what I just did...and I had several big fights with knotted yarn...but in the end I won and completed this project in about 2 hours (hard to count since you start and stop so many times...may have been more or less) But every time I wear it I will remember my very first crochet project.

I think I will make some coasters next...just to practice starting and ending with the same amount of stitches...I really need to figure that one out, otherwise every future blanket, sweater and sock will be crooked. (nobody likes a crooked sock)

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