Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some new ideas to try...

After my fun with crocheting jute twine last week, I found this ETSY store (sosorosey) with stacking jute twine bowls. I had been wanted to buy some wire produce hangers, you know the ones with the three hanging tiers? But I think instead I may try something like this. I think the bowls filled with produce might work out just right.

If not, there is the possibility of fabric bowls. I just threw away SO many scraps that would be good for this kind of project, so I'm kicking myself a little. But on the other hand, we're trying so hard to pare down what we have, I just can't keep loads and loads of stuff I might use. This bowl came from Oops I Craft My Pants, and has links the original tutorial on there. But honestly, I liked the way hers looked better than the original tutorial. This looks like a really fun project, and a good use of old fabric or even clothing or sheets or curtains.

Speaking of old clothing, this from ETSY shop Squirrellicious was made of old jersey t-shirts. I have some old shirts and sheets that I've kept around just in's amazing how old fabric can become something new...and in this case REALLY amazing.

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