Monday, January 30, 2012

Rev Up Your Love Engines

With February starting this week we've been plotting and planning our V-day crafts. I've had several inspirational ideas from Pinterest that I can't wait to work on with the kids. We're also planning our V-day meal, which so far only consists of heart shaped red velvet whoopie pies. (not that I'm complaining) I kicked off the week trying out a simple needle turn applique project which looked SO bad that I had to hand embroider it to cover all the mistakes. Ah well, practice makes perfect.

I'm also in the planning stages of the kids Valentine's cards. I skipped making custom cards last year since neither kid was at a proper school, and I really miss having a year to look back at. These were from the two previous years, and while I love the simplicity of these I am sans a scanner and photoshop right now. So I might have to get a little creative. I'm thinking of making appliqued fabric panels and photographing them, that way I have hang-able wall art too. (Though there is always the possibility that I will run out of time and end up buying Disney Princess and Spiderman cards from Walmart.) Time will tell...

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