Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snowy Crafting

Something about the snow falling outside makes me feel like hunkering down and nesting. I made cookies, gumbo, french bread and this cute little skirt and fleece boot liners.

I'd been playing around with the fleece liners/socks for a week now, tweaking it to get it just right. Then after seeing my friend Becca's cute boots with a knitted cuff I just had to complete a pair finally. The sock I made using a pattern I made from a store bought fleece sock, and with a few tips from this tutorial. Then I just added the cuff to fold over right at the top of the boots. (while you may have never seen these before these boots are a BIG thing here) I personally don't have a pair yet (ahem...birthday coming), but thankfully I wear the same size as my husband who got his for Christmas (hee hee). He respectfully requested that the fleece socks I make for him don't have whales on them...but he said he thinks they're cute.

Craft number two was also inprired by Becca. (go Becca!) She posted a skirt tutorial on Pinterest and after a trip to Rain Forest crafts where I bought some lovely ON SALE ($5.99!!!) Amy Butler prints I just couldn't resist. I always save Laurel's old jeans to make into skirts but I hadn't made any in SO long. So I sat on the floor, hacked off the bottom of the jeans and added the double ruffle. It is such a quick project since you use pre-existing pants for the top. Plus, since Laurel's waist doesn't change size often the waist of the jeans fits long after the bum has gotten too small.

I love days when I feel like I've accomplished a little something extra!! (especially when ruffles and button-eyed whales are involved)


Mary Virginia said...

LOVE the upgrade to the xtra tuffs!

Maggie said...

Leave it to the girl from Barrow to know what xtra tuffs are!

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