Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tiny Grayscale Lotus Chicken

This was such a fun little project to make, plus I tried some new things. I had never made i-cord, which I used for the legs, and I have never knitted a fully 3D object.

I learned I love using double pointed needles. The flexibility they allow, particularly in making the i-cord is so cool. (of course you have to watch them closely so that your work doesn't go sliding right off the end) Hey, and here's something I didn't know...did you know that i-cord stands for idiot cord? (as in you must be an idiot if you can't make this...rude, but honest)

I didn't have the colors they asked for to make the chicken, but I had tons of leftover grays and black. So I made a 2-tone gray chicken with black details. (hence the grayscale...hee hee) I also went a little crazy with the legs, thinking they would be cute if they dangled more. It wasn't cute...just weird, so I curled them up in criss-cross apple sauce and fancied it up by giving it a yoga name. (and then Laurel and I giggled and giggled about it) Man it's good to hear her giggle. She's been sick for so long now I thought I would never hear her real voice again!!! Giggling at my little yoga chicken was about the first real sound I've heard from her since the it was totally worth it.

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