Friday, January 20, 2012

Warming up from the inside out

My entire house is freezing except for the living area which is shut off from the rest of the house with sheets. I keep the woodstove going stong all day, and still I need slippers a sweater and my new knitted headband to keep myself warm-ish throughout the day. Because of this my housework has fallen to a ridiculous low...I just don't want to go into the kitchen to clean or upstairs to do laundry. I don't even want to go to the bathroom...I might get frosbite of the butt! It is that cold!! After nearly a week of single digit temps I am ready to be warm, and when I saw this recipe on pinterest it just screamed WARM. (from the inside out) I love Indian food, but other than adding curry powder to things I haven't really delved into it much. Today I'll be trying this recipe in the crock pot, and this recipe for homemade naan. Thank goodness for quick prep on both because I really don't want to spend longer in the kitchen than I have too right now. The inside of my kitchen window has been coated with ice all week...that's right I said INSIDE. Yeah, it's THAT cold.

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