Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recipes worth trying....seriously try them

So I tried out the recipes I posted yesterday and they were all a huge success. The preparation was pretty quick for the chicken and very very quick for the naan. The number of spices in the chicken (and the shear quantity of them) is almost shocking...but after hours of simmering together the sauce is so rich and full of flavor. I didn't have everything, so I made some substitutions...still great. Plus I only had cumin & coriander seeds so the whole kitchen was filled with the smell of spice after I ground them. And somehow the combination of rich spices, baking bread and chocolate whoopie pies made you feel like you were walking into some amazing food based wonderland.

This is the first time I ever tried to make whoopie pies. Laurel has been enamored with them since our trip to Savannah last year, but I just haven't stopped to make them. They were quick and easy to make and SO SO good. Plus I've been using white flour exclusively since Christmas because we had some picky house guests (kids that won't eat anything but white bread), but now that the white flour is gone I was forced to pull out the grinder for the whoopie pies and the naan. I couldn't be happier with the result! I had forgotten how much I loved the moist denseness that the fresh ground flour adds to sweets in particular, and that extra little nutty crunch that you just can't put your finger on (unless you know what it is...)

The naan was so easy I can't even describe to you how ridiculous it is not to make these. And it was so cool to open up the oven and see them all puffed up, and then watch them deflate. Today we'll be eating the leftovers...and I can only imagine the flavors have gotten better with time.

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