Sunday, January 15, 2012

Leftover Headband

After finishing the skirt and the boot liner projects I was left with buttons, a strip of fabric and a pre-cut fleece flower. (I had originally planned to put flowers on the boot liners, then changed my mind and went with the whales) So with no rhyme or reason I hand sewed the flower and buttons onto the strip of fabric, then I ruffled the leaves with thread. Insta-cute headband.

I attribute my renewed zest for crafting to a couple of things:
1) Pinterest (All I can say is wow...I can see so many amazing things so quickly, and then save them grouped however I want with direct links to the original websites. Simply brilliant. I truly believe that this is the best use of a social network: positivity and constant creative streaming)
2) Sketching. I grabbed a new book and started sketching at least a page a day. It can be anything from something I'm thinking to a quilt plan. I find that it unclogs my mind as much (or more) than meditation.
3) Just doing it. At the end of the day this is the essential ingredient to getting a project started (or finished).

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