Saturday, February 4, 2012

Guilty Pleasure Birthday

Happy Birhday to Me. I am 34 years old. And I know this is strange, but somehow I find 34 to be the scariest age I've been at yet. (try and follow the logic) 30 didn't bother me, nor 31, 32 was fine and hell 33 seemed like I was at the top of my game...but 34 is so close to 35 which rounds up to 40 which means my 30s are over. My 20s already ended, once my 30s are gone I have to be an established accomplished 40 year old. Right?!?!

I do realize that this is all crazy and 40 is the new 30, blah blah blah. Please allow me the tiniest bit of crazy. I am generally a stable, sane and objective individual...I don't think it's too much to ask for this TINY BIT OF CRAZY!!!

With that out of the way, last years birthday in Savannah is hard to top. We swam in the hotel pool, ordered in food at night and watched cable (this was a big thing then since we hadn't had cable in years). We went to the beach, to the aquarium, we ate at an outdoor restaurant surrounded by alligators. We had whoopie pies and window shopped and bought candy and just had an incredible time. Because of that trip my birthday seems really magical to the kids, so they started talking about it weeks ago. Unfortunately for them we have no big plans this year; just staying in, eating well and enjoying eachothers company...and of course...PRESENTS!! The older I get the better presents get. I seem to understand myself more and really know what I like and what I want. This year I got to pick my own gifts from my mom...which seems like a drag because there is no surprise, but instead was SO much fun. I finally got my woodburning equipment...posts soon to come. Then I bought this knitting book

this quilting book

and these movies

This birthday was definitely about what I love, hence the guilty pleasure b-day.

I also wanted woodcarving tools and watercolor supplies, but I can really only handle one major new skill at a time. (because I get incredibly obsessed, and it's nearly impossible to become obsessed with two things unless you just want to go plum crazy)

My kiddos bought me Ray Troll graphic magnets from my favorite local shop and gorgeous roses, my hubby bought me my Xtratuffs (woo-hoo) and a learn to play guitar set of DVDs and books (WOO-HOO). Plus they made me dinner and a cheesecake, can you tell that it says "We "heart" Mom"? So cute.

It was a good the weather is clear so we are off to enjoy some beautiful Alaskan scenery. (and I've been given an hour to go to the library all by myself to look at magazines and books...BY about a good present!)

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