Monday, November 8, 2010

Re-magnet Mania

One night when I couldn't sleep I got up to sew something. Once I got out to the sewing room (aka the garage) I found I just wasn't in the mood to sew, but I did want to create something. Then I remembered while I was cleaning I accidentally dropped a business-card-magnet into the sink and the business card was ruined. So I took off the business card and saved the magnet for just such an occasion. With a pair of scissors, some Modge Podge and fabric scraps I made this. It shouldn't have delighted me as much as it did...but I still smile when I see it on the fridge.

The next day I figured why not let the kids do one too. So I took a couple more useless advertisements off the fridge and let the kids pick their fabrics and designs and they glued it down with fingers and Modge Podge. And if in the end something isn't perfect, grab the scissors and cut. Think of the possibilities! You could do your last name, the alphabet, a nature scene that the kids could play with, a nativity set, etc etc. This is some seriously easy, cheap (free actually if you have the stuff on hand) and totally quick project that the kids can be proud of for years. (and will make you smile every time you grab something from the fridge) And you can't screw up no matter what you will still come out cute. And now instead of those ugly magnets from local stores you have your own reused-recycled-remagnet.

I'll be doing more soon...I just can't help myself...ugly magnets must be reborn!

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