Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Gifts

I've been thinking about holiday gifts...but not so far into it that I've sketched or planned anything. I know what I'm doing for that's good. But I haven't the slightest idea what to do for the kids yet. They want pillow pets...which I happily suggested we could make...but, I was kindly (and emphatically) told that only the store bought ones would do. Ok then...thank goodness for grandma. They are purchased and ready.

I had bigger plans orginally and wanted to incorporate wood working into my gifts this year. But I'm just not as far along in the process of moving and using power tools as I thought. Once we're living in the camper at the new house the power tools will all be accessible and wood will be plentiful and I can start messing around. But for the time being the garage looks like it exploded. You have to cross the swamp of firewood to gain access to the pit of despair (mostly a mixture of old books, purses and junk that we don't know what to do with). I had so many thoughts of about gifts when I thought I would have all this time. But somehow the time I gained seems to have disappeared. How is that possible? Domestic black hole maybe? (DBH for future reference) I'm at home for the 8 hours that I used to be at work...but my house isn't cleaner...and I'm not making anything more than before...maybe less!

Zoiks. Maybe I need to try out fly lady just so I can keep track of the time...and figure out where it's all going! (you know, besides into the abyss of the DBH) Am I the only one who has one hovering over their house?

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