Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The BIG ONE Day3Week5

I completed day 2 of week 4 of the couch to 5k running program yesterday. It was hard, but totally doable. And I've found that this time around (and for the very first time) I'm actually running faster and longer towards the end of my program. I'm able to push it when the guy says to, and I'm able to add a minute or 2 at the end of the run. I try to do that so that the transition to the following week doesn't seem so bad.

Everything has been moving along incrementally, but I remembered that somewhere along the way there was a big jump in running time...but I just couldn't remember what it was. So I looked it up online (normally I just wait until the guy on the podcast tells me when to run)...but for this upcoming week I wanted to see what was on the horizon. To my shock and horror, day 3 of week 5 is a straight 20 minute run. The longest run in week 4 is 5 minutes...and that's not a walk in the park (if you catch the pun). So how in 2 runs am I supposed to progress from a 5 minute run to a 20 minute run?!?! Ok...let me think this through...I'm running tomorrow, then Friday (day1 week 5)...then Sunday (day2 week 5)...then the big run will be on Tuesday. Oh my. Tuesday will be the big day.

My doubts are starting to take over. But, this time around I've been doing so well...I'm just going to trust the program. Deep breath....whew...ok, I'm better for now. Wish me luck!


Kristine said...

I'm so impressed that you've stuck it out this long. Can't wait to hear how Tuesday goes!

Maggie said...

You know...I've done this program SO many time...and I realized I've done weeks 1 and 2 A LOT...but not so much past week 3. So I'm feeling pretty good right now...I'll let you know how it goes.

The Miller Family said...

Slow down your pace. If you can run for 5 min you can run for 20.....when you begin to run start really slow like your walk pace with a quicker step.

Miss your sewing...the girls had their easter baskets out today ;)

Maggie said...

Aww...thanks! I've been waiting to open the store again, but I think it will be after the holidays. Ok...I'll give it a shot...and I'll have to tell myself over and over again if I can run 5 I can run 20. (maybe I'll even learn to believe it!)

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