Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Class Updates

We finally finished our drywall project in class...and I finally understand why Jon wants us to hire someone to finish the drywall. Seriously not fun. And after all our hard work...we got an 85%. Not sure how that translates into real life on a scale of yipes-I-wouldn't-want-live-there to this-drywall-looks-awesome (you know...because people say that when they walk into a house...).

Now we're onto dropped ceilings, which I didn't want to learn (so much so that I considered not even going to class). But that seemed I went, and now I can install a dropped ceiling...even though I hate them.

Next up...trim. I can't wait to start using the coping saw!!


Kristine said...

Hanging and finishing drywall is one skill I'd love to learn but have heard is totally difficult. So, now that you've done it, I can ask: Is the finishing part hard in that it's time-intensive or in that it's next to impossible to actually get a smooth finish (the latter has always been my impression)? Do you think you'll try it again in your new house, or are you going to take Jon's advice and get someone to do it? Man,I wish we lived by you guys. I'd love to see (and be able to help with) the work in progress. Maybe someday, maybe someday.... Miss you guys! Owe you an e-mail but hope this will do until next week; I'm eyeball deep in what I hope is my last (by my choice, of course!) editing project. Give the kiddos hugs and smooches from us!

Maggie said...

Hanging is easy enough...mudding isn't so bad...the sanding is the worst. I'd say in the end mine was ok...not great. I think I'll look around for a couple of free drywalling sessions at Home Depot. I think we will do it ourselves to save money...but I sure prefer framing to drywalling!

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