Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nearly Free Girl Date

Laurel and I escaped the boys this morning to go to a pre-show of a production of Cheaper by the Dozen. Just us girls and no distractions. We got there early and I had to wait to go in, so we took a seat at an empty table decorated with Beatrix Potter books (don't know why) and we made it through two and a half before going in. It was fun to be in our own world of silliness, me making voices and her giggling. Then we watched the play, which was adorable and heart warming. (and did I mention FREE!)

After we left, Laurel wanted to go to Starbucks (the lake picture is from the Starbucks...there is a deck, and a dock) She got a hot chocolate and a polar bear cookie, then we walked down to the lake. She collected leaves and we talked about fall, and reflections on the lake...and how much we like having time together. I can't believe it was August the last time we had a specially planned girl date!

I need to make sure I do this every week, with each of my kids.

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