Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pretty Packages

I love gifts that are wrapped as if the wrapping were as important as the present. It makes the whole process of giving and receiving so much more special.
It's my youngest sister's birthday, and for the last few years I have given her handmade gifts. (To be frank, I think she's sick of them) So...I decided to purchase a gift. It's not like she said I had to, but you can tell when someone just doesn't really want a handmade purse AGAIN. (I know, I don't get it either)
Anyway, I found a reasonably priced and pretty unique looking necklace at Target. But it just felt so sad to put it in a plain boring gift bag.

Sooooooo....I didn't.

I decided to try my hand at the twist-tie leaves I posted about earlier. And this was a truly recycled project...instead of wire (which I didn't have) I used old twist ties from store bought bread. I grabbed some scraps of green and went to work. I used a contrasting thread because she's 12 and I thought it would be more fun. As for the wrapping itself, it's a scrap of an antique pillow case from my grandmother. It was literally falling apart and I had already been using it for my current quilt project, so I took a scrap of the beautifully scalloped edge and turned it into a little handbag. Then I tied it closed with twine (leftover from the banner project), and twisted on my two leaves. (or four leaves depending on how you quantify it)

Not too shabby, huh? Even a gift card would seem unique wrapped like this.

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