Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Cleaning (time to use up some scraps)

Not that our weather is in any way spring like...but still, with March having begun it feels like spring cleaning time to me. So I started with the mudroom/craft room/piano room yesterday (aka the dumping grounds for EVERYTHING). Since a lot of what I was picking up was fabric, I thought to myself that March would be a perfect time to try and use up some scraps. I keep seeing "stashbuster" pins on Pinterest and so it's time to make use of some of these old scraps.

Project 1: Luke and I made this quick cloth cover for a can that I have been saving. I hemmed the edges and added a quick applique leaf and he glued it on with craft glue. A super quick project that I will soon do to the whole collection of saved cans---in an attempt to finally organize the kids art table.

Project 2: Today I started a quilt. This quilt that I started has no rhyme or reason. It has no plan, no purpose and no timeline. This is a new thing to me. I like fast results, I like to think about and design what I do. This is a freeform project in which I will sew on too-small fabric scraps randomly until something begins to take shape.


Heather Dickerson said...

I totally never would have thought of doing this with fabric!! How did you get it to stay on? I might have to try this now, thinking corduroy maybe?

Maggie Blue said...

You know, normally I would make button-loops and sew buttons so that it could be removed, but since I was doing this quickly (with a 4 year old) we just used good ol' craft glue.

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