Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Goodbye Georgia Dreams

We officially sold our house in Milton. Our farm. What we thought was our forever dream. And while I don't regret our change of plans, that doesn't mean that we don't mourn the loss of this once all encompassing dream of ours. To our farm, our house plans, our camper and our goats...we miss you, we think about you often and remember the good times.

The nightly bonfire (the time I almost set the tree above on fire), catching fireflies in mason jars to light our camper, the garden that we built and planted, and to Eugene and Goatie Goatie...we loved it all...except the Kudzu and recurring Poison Ivy.

We took a loss on the house overall, but I can't consider it that way. We formed ourselves as a family throughout this project. I could never trade in the memory of living together in the camper. The kids cuddling up in the their bunks every night, and never being further than 20 feet from them. I will never forget the spring demolition work Jon and I did together...that's the stuff good marriages are made of (thankfully we didn't kill each other).

I know there were a few naysayers out there about the Milton project, but here is the truth...if you aren't trying to live your dreams...if you aren't willing to forgo fear and commonsense to do what you know in your bones is right, then you aren't living.

So here's to the living we've done, the living we're doing and the living we will do until the day that we die. And here's to my husband for doing it with me, without you none of this would have happened. I know you say it's me, but it's not me...I may have the dreams but you make them happen. We make one hell of a team...for reals.

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