Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prelude to Awesomeness

Since this is Spring Break we've done what all normal families do. Schedule the entire week as if we're homeschooling to test out the waters.

What, that isn't what everyone does?!?!

Ok, I understand most people go somewhere. They take a vacation, they breath and relax. But honestly, I feel more relaxed than I have in my adult life. I have learned that the more right decisions I make in my life, the better I feel. (And I'm feeling pretty good right now.)

So far we have scheduled in swim lessons, art time, writing, reading, math, cooking, snuggling and tons of crazy free play. I have never seen these two play like this. The TV has been completely off, and the result is that I am currently watching a war between the Indians and the Valentine's themed stuffed animals. (the Indians are trying to steal the smallest V-day puppy dog and everyone else is preparing for battle)

It's amazing watching them use their imaginations nonstop, and it's great to NOT have the ugly external influences of the public school that we've been fighting since the beginning of the year. (ie girl bullies...I had no idea they existed in Kindergarten) I will be sad to see Laurel go back to school next week, and waiting the 2 long months to have her back full time is going to seem like FOREVER. But on the other hand it means my Luke-only time is dwindling, so I will be occupied with really taking advantage of every second.

This (above) was a nature-project that Laurel came up with herself. She collected the nature items, she decided on a theme and she directed everyone on what to do. She also has been teaching her brother; who can now write the whole alphabet, his full name and any other words she directs him to write. I had no idea how quickly homeschooling would take root. It's like we've been doing it for years, and yet it's only been a few days.

As I was looking back at pictures over the last year I noticed a kids being great friends and explorers. It made me realize that maybe we've been homeschoolers all along...we just didn't know it yet.

I can't wait for summer!

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