Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Deep Dark Secret....

You want to know a secret? I google "Alpalca farms for sale" nearly every week. Sometimes I look up just "farms for sale" or "sheep farms for sale." It just depends on my whacky mood. Sometimes I comb the country, sometimes I look in specific Hood River, Oregon (drool).

I want to live on a farm with my family. I want a family cow. I want a fiber-growing-animal that I can spin into homemade yarn that we dye ourselves. I want to drink the milk and cream from our own cow. I want to make our own butter and cheese. I want chickens and a huge garden. I want cherry trees and apple trees and goats. I want my daughter to have the horse she wants. I want my son to be able to run wild and free without worrying about traffic or bad people.

Can you guess my deep dark secret?

Yes, it's true...I want to live like Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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