Thursday, March 22, 2012 is da bomb

I have never ordered fabric online. I like to walk through the fabric store and touch, and see and smell (yes, smell...I like the smell of a new bolt of fabric) all the fabrics. But, here on my island (it's mine, didn't you know?) the fabric choices are limited and a little pricey. (though I was able to snag some Amy Butler for $5.99 a yard a few months ago)

So I finally took the leap and spent my birthday money on some gorgeous fabrics. Technically I shouldn't have...wasn't I going to use up scraps this month?

(I think I read that somewhere...tee hee)

But I bought the fabric anyway, and I can't wait for it to arrive. Plus, as I was checking out I decided to open another window and google coupons...and guess what? For doing nothing other than that I got 15% off my whole order. You know what that means? I have $13 more to spend at Amazon and MountainRoseherbs when I buy my natural beauty product supplies...woo hoo! (spent and spent...can't wait till boxes start arriving!)

This is what I bought!! I have visions of curtains and pillows and quilts and stuffed animals!! (thank you Pinterest for all the lovely inspiration)

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