Sunday, February 26, 2012

I started to...but then...

So...I did not finish any of the projects from last week.

I started to, but I wasn't paying attention on Laurel's sleeve and had to unravel it.

Then I started again, but the sun was shining and Luke and I went to Ward Lake instead.

I started again, but then I started reading The Dharma Bums.

I started one more time, but then I got sidetracked with Pinterest (a lot...a lot A LOT).

Then I decided to try something new to shake it up. I opened up my new woodburning kit from my birthday and played around a little bit. At least I did something, right?

I guess those other projects will just have to wait...until the end of time.


emarcel said...

Starting is everything but finishing feels so good.

The Dharma Bums is just so so, but it's kind of set where you live and it's so fun to imagine the lives those beatnics lived. So nuts.

I joined pintrest but haven't pinned anything yet. My friends LOVE it.

And I love YOU.

ALSO: If you are looking for new weird music check out the new album from Grimes, "Visions".

Maggie said...

I remember reading On The Road years ago, and so far it's got a similar vibe. I love you too!!

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