Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finishing Week

I just got 6 new crafting books for my birthday and my mind is literally swimming with ideas. I can't wait to start a new project! But...I have so many unfinished projects before me.

1) Mittens for Laurel (I stopped at the last thumb)
2) Sweater for Laurel (I stopped on the last sleeve)
3) Boot socks with striped knitted cuffs (finished the cuffs, need to make socks)
4) Sweater for me (finished front)
5) Knitted pillow cover (finished the front)
6) Embroidered Laurel (no idea what to do with it)

That isn't like me, usually I ignore all other duties and do the bare minimum of the basic tasks (not even the bare minimum) until the project is done. It's a strange obsession that overtakes me when I'm designing, sewing, knitting or reading a great book.

So how did I end up with so many unfinished projects? Truth is...I don't know. I have finished others in between, but for some reason or other these all fell through the cracks. So...this is my week of finishing projects. Even if it means I have to hold off guitar learning for one more week. Even if it means not starting a new project that I so badly want to. (one of my books was a quilting book and I have so many quilts floating around in my head!!) And most importantly I can't start using my new woodburning equipment until these are done. (though I think 4&5 will be unravelled and sent back to the drawing that will help)

So...keep me accountable people...I must finish these and move on with my life.

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