Wednesday, February 15, 2012


All in all I made about ZERO v-day crafts. We had so many plans...and none of them worked out!! We were supposed to make our Valentine's Cards and we ended up buying them at the store, we were going to make crochet heart bobby pins for the girl scouts (seen on Pinterest), but we never got past the first step. (we actually made the hearts, but then didn't have the time to do anything with them)

We were supposed to make these (also from Pinterest), we even collected the stones on the beach.

Sometime the best of intentions just don't make it in our house.
In fact, Valentine's rolled around and I wasn't ready. We had to make cookies for the class party, I promised Laurel the dessert she wanted, and I had to work the party and then run home and clean and cook dinner. In the end I was in the middle of cooking dinner and trying to get the kids to clean up when I realized they were having fun doing what they were my Valentine's gift was to stay in a good mood and clean the Living Room the next day. So we sat down and had a great dinner and enjoyed eachothers company. No one noticed that I hadn't done any Valentine's crafts. They only noticed the good parts...hmmm....

We did manage to make these cookies,

have some fun at the school party

eat a great meal

and make this garland we found on pinterest.

It was a perfect Valentine's Day after all.

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