Friday, January 7, 2011

House Motivation

If you buy a kitchen, but don't have a house to put it in...does that make you crazy? It might. BUT, we would have been crazy if we didn't buy this kitchen. About two years ago a friend of Jon's walked into the Habitat for Humanity Restore and saw a full kitchen with high end appliances, granite counter tops and all the cabinetry. So, he bought it and had it installed and has never looked back. If I were to take a guess I would say he saved $20,000 on a brand new kitchen.
Since we bought our fixer-upper (ok...that's putting it nicely) we've been going to the Restore nearly every week. We've bought windows and doors at amazing prices, but not once have we seen any acceptable cabinetry or full kitchens. Until now!!!! We received a weekly email about a kitchen that had arrived, and we set out to check it out yesterday. We tried to be calm and objective about the whole thing...but once we saw it...WOW! The appliances alone are worth $18,000! (So it's like you purchased the appliances at a deep discount, and then they threw in the kitchen FOR FREE!!) Oh wait...I forgot to's all BRAND NEW! Never been used. The original tape and manuals are still in the fridge, and the oven comes with a DVD on how to use it! A woman moved into a brand new condo, but needed handicap accessible counters and they ripped it out and gave this set to the Restore.

What could we do? The antiqued paint, the large island, the granite, the stainless professional grade range, the paneled fridge, convection oven/microwave combo, brushed chrome faucet, and glass cabinet was too good to pass up. We poured over the dimensions and made several calls to Jon's experts. Every one (carpenter, contractor and appliance man) all gave a resounding YES, BUY IT. So...we did. It was so much fun. The whole place was excited, the staff, the other shoppers. It was like we won the lottery and everyone else got to watch. We were so excited and nervous all the way home.
Now we really have some motivation to get moving on this house. We may only ever have a kitchen...but it's a really nice one.


aunt sue said...

congrats on your great find. anticipating your new home has to be such fun!!

Maggie said...

Thanks Aunt Sue. It depends on the day...this is such a big project, until we really get working on it it just seems HUGE. It is exciting though, as long as the money holds out!

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