Thursday, January 20, 2011


I love this for me (from KnitStorm)

I bought this for Erik (from MiniatureRhino)

I wish I could afford this from TheSteelFork

but I can afford this from them.

I want to buy this for Laurel for her birthday from SerpentMandalas, very reasonable prices.

And how about getting these beatiful origami roses for Valentines from MyBohemianSummer?

And I'm going to make something like this for my yoga mat. (sundarastudio)

(I just bought a Groupon for unlimited classes for the month for only $20...that sounds like a great reason to make a messenger style yoga bag!!!)

I'm also going to buy something like this for Abby for her Birthday from ThePrettyPetals.

I almost don't want to though, because I bought from her back in the fall for Corey's birthday...and while the necklace was great and the prices were awesome...the customer service was AWFUL. I've never seen a seller with so many negative feedbacks on ETSY. In fact, it's rare to have a seller with less than 100% positive feedback. But sadly...between the uniqueness of her work and the prices (most necklaces around $15) it's hard to resist. Other sellers on ETSY would sell their work for 3-4 times what she does. Come on...look at this one...gorgeous.

and this would make jeans and a t-shirt look like a night out on the town, no?

Sigh...I'm in love with ETSY.


sundarastudio said...

Thanks so much for showing of my yoga bag on your blog. Namaste. Sandra

Maggie said...

You bet! It's an awesome design. I was looking for yoga bags for my brother for his birthday and I scrolled and scrolled through ETSY, and the only ones I loved were yours. (in the end I bought him an embroidery kit since he's a sucker for crafts and horiscopes)

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