Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last Christmas Cuff

Christmas eve I ended up sewing until about midnight in order to finish the neck cuffs for Jon and my sisters. This one for Hallie was sort of a cute accident. I'm not sure whether I like Cody's whale or Hallie's turtle better...but I love the way the font on the turtle turned out. I cut the letters out of fleece (since everything else was fleece) that was a mistake, and what happened next was dumb luck. When I first started stitching over the letters they began to stretch in ways I couldn't control. I figured I'd finish it up, but also figured it would be no good. But once I got through the o, and then the m...I started to see an almost comic book like font coming through. So I crossed my fingers that the g would come out ok...and it did! It looks like I meant to do it. HA! I SO did not. Anyway, this was the last of the Christmas neck cuffs. They are SO warm, and so quick to make. Hallie wore hers for about an hour (inside) then took at off and after five minutes she said her neck was cold and had to put it back on. Nice. I made Jon's just plain navy blue for work, I figured on cold nights he could use a warm neck. But I did manage to sneak a heart onto the inside of the cuff to make him smile when he put it on.

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