Monday, December 20, 2010

Pretty Packages

Do you know what I love almost as much as a gift? Awesome wrapping. I rarely have time to put much detail into it...and I really regret it because I love good wrapping. It doesn't even have to be beautiful...just unique. It can be funny, or pretty, or crazy, or sentimental. Laurel and I did this one for her Uncle Erik (since I know he will appreciate it). I like the simplicity of the brown paper, and the monochromatic details...and then the slight glitter of the sequins. (Laurel and I had fun doing this one)

I also revisited my resuble tags, but this time in felt. I cut out the tag and the letters and let Laurel glue them on. She also tried the stitching herself, but got frustrated after a little while. Cut and glue and there you go...instant cute. Plus if it's gifted to someone out of the household it's like a second mini-gift. I can't spend too much time wrapping because I'm not quite done with sewing. I still have (at the very least) two sisters and a brother to make something for. But sometimes it's just worth it...look at the pride in that little face. (Alright...technically she's squinting from the sun, but you can tell there is pride underneath that squint)

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