Saturday, December 18, 2010

Strange or cool?

I really jumped into sewing today...maybe it's because I started packing the garage/studio for the move and suddenly found a path to the sewing machine again...hmmm...maybe. No matter what the reason, I've been thinking I just wouldn't be able to sew all that I wanted to (and that's probably still true) BUT I jumped in and got some done. (not just partly done either...totally done) After the day was pretty much over and the kids and I were just hanging out, I suddenly remembered a piece of fabric I had that might work for something. So I grabbed it, cut it, found another piece and cut it. Then I put them together...and piece by piece this project came together, including toggle buttons. So, now it's done. And I'm sitting here looking at it thinking is this a really nice gift or a really strange gift. It doesn't look right on me, so I can't even keep it. You got to have some spunk to pull off the pleated-teal-batik-toggle button neck cuff. I have three people in mind that could pull this off. (thankfully none of them read my blog) Of those three I think only two might wear it. And of those two I can picture one actually wearing it. Ok...I think process of elimination just decided who gets it. Now, it's up to anyone who might read this to tell me if I'm off my rocker and NO ONE would wear this.

(Either way it cost a total of $1.78) Plus it goes into the category of projects you can complete with a random fat quarter you have lying around. (and only takes 20 minutes)


Whitney said...

Now I want to know who you gave it to. I like it a lot! I think it's super cool :)

Maggie said...

Thanks! I gave it to Erik (not a huge surprise there). I think he liked it, he looked good in it either way.

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