Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mars and Venus

I was reading an article about the way men tackle things (versus women) and I came across this quote which so simply put what I think we all realized but never REALLY do.

"They're [men] wired to concentrate on a single thing, whereas the female brain evolved to approach tasks from a wide perspective," according to Helen Fisher, Ph.D., a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University at New Brunswick, New Jersey.

I'm forever confused that my very intelligent and capable husband doesn't think through what is needed for the day. Simple he will go all the way to a destination and complete a task, but not realize that there was another task that could be completed at the same time in the same place. So he'll come all the way back home and get chastised by his uber lovely wife that he should have thought that through. Or why he'll agree to do a diet or exercise plan with me...but can't seem to keep up with the details of the plan. We've done South Beach probably 6 times in our marriage...but he will still call me from work to make sure the food he wants to eat is on the plan. Or why men want to solve problems for you...women just want to talk, but the man wants to solve it.
Well now I get it. They're SUPPOSED to do that. Just like we're supposed to think through the whole day, every angle, juggle many tasks...they're supposed to pick one, complete it and move on. (I think I'm starting to like their way better) It also explains why my husband seems like he's going to melt down when there are too many things to solve at once...while I'm at my best in the same situation.

It's all so clear now...thanks Helen!

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