Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Spirit goes a Loooong Way

Christmas season is upon us and I swear we have already watched every Christmas movie (I have converted my daughter to the dark side and she now loves Smoky Mountain Christmas...HA!), sung every carol (including some we made up), our tree is up (ornaments have already been broken) and I've finished my Christmas shopping. Yep. Done. (well, ok not totally there are a few stragglers...but I'm done for my family) It helps to have a pretty much $0 Christmas budget. I mean that in a good way. You don't fret about this and that. My children were very specific about what they wanted from Santa, and I got them something else that would be cute and practical for our day-to-day camper living. Plus some small stocking items (thank you Target and your $1 section). Shopping lasted all of 30 minutes. Plus, after a fair amount of research everything we bought at Target was quite a bit cheaper than what I found at Amazon and You never know. I do know that while people are talking about the stress of the Christmas season...I can't fathom what they are talking about. I do still have some handmade decorations I want to make for myself as well as some handmade gifts for the kids to round it all off. (plus I promised Christmas PJs and pillowcase covers) I also wanted to try some new recipes, we bought some lemon butter at the Yellow Daisy Festival and I really want to learn to make it. So...besides sewing and cleaning and trying new recipes all I have left for December is to pack up this house and prepare to put it on the market. That seems like it should be a big thing, but I'm not feeling that way. Must be the Christmas spirit.

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