Friday, October 29, 2010

Washington Farms

This was our third year going to Washington Farms...but this year was by far the best. With a new set up and a couple of additions...we had an awesome time. In the order of what they liked best there was: 1) Pillow Jumper 2) Corn Box 3) Cow Train 4) Vortex 5) Ducky Races 6) Mega Slide 7) Petting Zoo 8) Hay Ride 9) Corn Maze 10) Picking Pumpkins (last only bc they were tired after everything else)
We all did the Pillow Jumper...that thing is a riot! It's like a party jumper for the whole a bunch of people you don't know.

Then there was the Vortex, which Laurel and I did first. All I knew was that it was a dark tunnel that spun around you. So she and I stepped into a black shed...maybe 15-20 feet in length. It's so dark you can barely see...then you notice spinning stars...and you're on a metal walkway. Then you start to get dizzy, and about halfway through I couldn't believe it but the walkway was tipping over. It was rotated nearly 90 degrees...and I couldn't figure out how the hell they expected children to get through this without falling off the walkway. But I had Laurel in my arms and I had no foot after foot I trudged forward and came out of the tunnel and into the light. Then my senses came back to me and I realized that the walkway never could have done was all a trick played on my mind...or a trick my mind played on me. But it was SO was THE VORTEX. Laurel went through 4 times. Jon twice, me twice, Luke Twice. I couldn't do it any more than that. It's been 3 hours and I still feel a little queasy. I got a lot of pictures and a lot of video.
The corn box was a huge hit again and I literally had to drag Laurel away.

They had so much fun and were so tired that Luke almost fell asleep on my shoulders while walking through the corn maze. (Though somehow they made it through the ride home, the pumpkin pizza and our Halloween movie) ((The pumpkin pizza wasn't actually pumpkin...just pepperoni shaped into a jack'o lantern.))

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