Friday, October 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

After weeks of searching...we found our new temporary home. Until the house is ready to move in...we'll be living outside of it in our new/used camper. The kids are ecstatic of course, they each get their own bunk. And I'm happy because it's spacious enough, and it gives us a chance to simplify our lives a bit. It seems like everyone always talks about wanting to simplify their lives, I know I do. But still no one does it. We try of course. We clean out our garages and closets (at least I hear that's what people do, I rarely get that far). But we have garage sales and we take walks with the family. But by the end of the week, most of us are back on the couch watching TV, ordering pizza and dealing with the day to day upkeep of a much-too-big and much-too-filled-with-stuff home. (That describes us, sans the pizza which isn't in the budget)

That isn't the reason we're doing's a side effect. We're doing this so that we can work on the house every day. We realized at our current pace of working on the new house one day a week we'd be done in about 20 years. Thus the camper plan was born. And the benefits grew and grew. Winter may not be the most awesome time to do this...but either way the point is the camper will be used for sleeping and hanging out when it's too dark to be outside...otherwise we'll be out in the world working and playing. There will be no need for me to clean for hours...the camper just isn't that big. I'll do laundry once a week. The rest of the time I want to be building the house or playing with the kids. I plan to explore all the local parks and libraries. And bike and hike and learn what it's like not to have a house weighing you down.

Of course when it's all done we'll move into the house...but hopefully we'll remember the lessons we learned from living in the camper for so long. (and hopefully we won't kill eachother before that all happens)


Whitney said...

I just love this so much. I was reading it to Pat and he said "That's so awesome." You guys really are doing it. So cool!

Maggie said...

You know I should start a poll Crazy vs not-Crazy and see how it comes out. I'm totally excited...Jon flip flops between excited and petrified. Now all we need to do is hitch it to the truck and travel the country...then we'd really be living the dream!

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