Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Banners

I learned I don't like the feel of burlap. It's rough on your hands, and after sewing for a while you feel like you've been out working in the fields all day. Yuck. (But, there is something to be said for not having to finish the edges)
In the end I couldn't decide what to add to my Halloween banner, so I didn't. I stuck to the basics and hand cut and sewed the letters down. Simple and cute. I can really picture this hanging from a rustic farmhouse porch.

The fall one I wanted a little more color for, so I added the fall leaves and colors. I also changed to a square shape. Anyway, I like them both, but to be totally honest after the fall one was done I wished I had done more with the Halloween one.'s a quick easy project whether you paint the letters (most on ETSY I've seen are painted) or whether you sew them (I prefer the look better...but to each her own).


Jeni Key said...

I bought burlap for a project once, but by the time the ladies measured it out (there was exactly enough left on the bolt for my project and so they didn't have to cut it) they'd almost talked me out of it. Word is it sheds badly, and my project was calling for 6+ yards of it! The next day I found a suitable alternative and took the burlap back.

For small projects though, you could use rice bags. I have an Indian friend who always buys her rice in burlap bags, and that burlap seems to be much finer and softer than what you can buy. She made her Christmas stockings out of them last year, and they were so cute!

Maggie said...

Rice I want some! I'm picturing printed bags framed on a wall. Yeah...I can't say I would make much with this stuff...but I like the look of it.

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