Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sewing Just for Fun

I am planning on reopening the ETSY shop soon, but it seems I just can't decide on what to make first. So mostly I've been thinking and sketching. But last night I decided to drag my booty into the sewing room and just start sewing. Everything was free-cut and free-sewn. No thought, no planning...all fun. This is what we ended up with...

a tiny impromptu quilt (really tiny ~4" x 8") I was playing around with piecing curves, and free-hand machine embroidery.

Plus these little practice coasters...again messing around with freehand machine drawing...not easy. I need to get an embroidery foot to try out.

I've also been playing around with hand embroidery, which other than cross stitching as a child, I've never done. I like hand embroidery because it's something you can do while sitting down and talking to someone, or watching (sort of watching) TV or a movie. When you sew on a machine, that's really all you can focus on...which is fine. But sometimes wouldn't it be nice to pick up that sewing and move it to the back porch? Or the park? Or wherever? I think so.

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