Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Festival

With the fall season in full swing, it seems everyone has a fall festival. On Friday we decided to go to the one at Abby's school...though frankly I didn't want to. It was touted as a hoe-down (is that how you spell that?) and when we got there there were cloggers. I can't say I'm much for country music, line dancing or clogging. And this had all of the above...doesn't sound like I'm in for a lot of fun. Boy was I wrong. It was the best deal in town with free admission, hayrides and facepainting. The only things that cost money were food (50 cents a piece), the cake walk (also 50 cents) and the strip of pictures (50 cents too!).

This worked out particularly well since Laurel won a cake! I have never seen her eyes look so big or so happy as when she realized that she was the one on the number 5 and SHE won the cake! She told that story for 24 hours straight...though it changed to how much mommy wished her to win and so she did it...she stepped on the number 5 and won the cake.

The kids are getting so big, they rode the hayride without me (once we got there I was chopped liver compared to Abby's friends).

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