Monday, August 31, 2015

Why I sent my homeschooler to public school.

Well, I can tell you this, it was not by choice. At least it wasn't by MY choice. My newly 10-year old daughter up and decided, the day before public school kiddos were back in session, that she wanted to be a part of them.

 First day jitters...she wasn't so sure when it was 
actually time to walk in.

What do you do when your homeschooled daughter tells you she wants to go to school?

You calmly let her explain why, and then let her make her own informed decision...obviously.

Well, I get credit, because I did do that. Sort of. I did let her explain, and I did pretend to understand. Then I walked around like an injured zombie for the rest of the day. (I also broke down and cried...but only once...and only for a second.)

By the fourth day she was a pro! Made her own 
lunch, and was off the boat 30 minutes early!

Boy oh boy.  Sometimes those stinkin' kids of ours have their own minds and we just gotta go with it. (Yes Mom, I see the irony in the situation.) To be honest, it isn't a huge commitment since we're leaving to travel in two months anyway. It's more like a social experiment; a homeschooled kid in a public school world.

The cool thing is, taking a step back and looking at the situation...she's living exactly the way we're trying to help her to be willing to try something live her best not be afraid to try for something she wants. Maybe our life changes have already helped her grow...and if that's true, who am I to stand in her way?

Her brother walked in with her to show support

For normal kids going to school would be no big deal...but for my kid, whose comfort zone is homeschooling, choosing this is the path unknown. I'm actually pretty damn impressed that she chose to step out of her comfort zone and try something not only new...but a little bit scary.

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

Now, I won't lie, this homeschooling mama felt a little lost at first. I started to worry that mixing our very simple intentional lifestyle with public school kids would bring back a lot of the things that we've taken out of our lives. Most school kids have iphones, cable tv, new first-day outfits...and years of experience dealing with public school kids. And to be honest, I like my no-nonsense gal exactly as she is. I don't want her to come home talking about fashion trends, TV shows and asking for an iphone! (She hasn't asked, but she has informed me that only she and one other girl in her class don't have a cell phone.)

I can't speak for the changes to her personality over the next 60 days...only time can tell. But I can honestly say that the girl I picked up after the first day was glowing. She was so proud of herself for doing it, and for breaking free and being her own person. It's only been three days, but I'm pretty sure she's grown up a little bit more in that time.

Look at that face...that's a proud face.

The good thing is, she wants to do this, and it gives her an idea of what school is like, so if she wants to try again (or not) at least she will have this experience to help her decide. I don't know how long we will travel, or when we will stop and grow roots any more life experience that she can take with her is a good thing. 

At least I hope so!

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becca lynn said...

You're awesome Laurel!! We are going to miss you terribly and I hope we can absorb every last minute of our time with you!!

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