Sunday, August 9, 2015

Inspiration for Digging Deep, Simplifying and Finding Your Path

Inspiration comes from many places.  When we first started our journey towards digging deep into ourselves, we didn't even really know that's what we were doing.

I would type simplifying into a web browser and come up with 100 ways to declutter your home. So I started by reading a bunch of those, but every book I read on the subject came up flat.  There was no substance, no heart, no soul.  Basically if you threw some stuff away you could buy new better stuff. Plus, obviously you just needed to be better at cleaning up.  Hmmm...not what I was looking for.

Then I ran across this one,

and this one.

The first is much lighter reading than the second, but both ended up with a lot of material to chew on. And both have to do with really looking at yourself and figuring out what you want out of life, and out of yourself.

By the time I read both of these books, we were already on our journey of extreme downsizing and keeping to a budget. So nothing was earthshattering-ly new...but there was so much food for thought, so much inspiration to dig more, and so much motivation to keep going.

These are the kinds of books that reinforce to me over and over again that we are on the right path. These are the kind of people who help keep me on our path.  That is true inspiration.

A couple of others...

This one has nothing to do with simplifying or budgeting...
but the family adventure and willingness to follow a dream 
(plus the authors humor) make it a great read for anyone.

This was the first book if it's kind that I had read, so for me 
it was a bit revolutionary.  I never really thought about 
questioning life, not just my life but ALL life prior to this book.

Sometimes you just find a great book.  This one was 
recommended by a friend, and it did not disappoint.  
More than anything it reinforces the importance of 
maintaining strong family and community bonds.

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