Friday, August 7, 2015

Keeping dreams a reality, with Pinterest

When planning a huge change like this for such a long time, you start to lose perspective.  When we first began planning this huge idea of traveling full time, it was 2 years away.  That's a long time!! We needed that time to save the money (both for the trip and for retirement)...but over the two years it began to feel like it was never really going to happen.

Thank goodness for Pinterest.  Being able to have a constant stream of ideas and inspiration kept me going, even when it felt like it was all just a pipe dream.  I have a pinboard just for our first year of travel, and these are just a few of the places that I can't wait to see.

© Darryl MontgomeryIchetucknee-springs-state-park-4f5e24d546d09d675b0007ef

We have about 12 weeks before the world is ours.  (Technically this first year or so will focus on North we have 12 weeks until North America is ours)  We have so many plans to see, to hike, to bike, to kayak...and really just to exist and breath deep and slow.  This is the part I can't wait have no time constraints on our lives.  No time to wake up, no deadlines, nothing to do and nowhere to be.

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