Saturday, August 29, 2015

Goldfish Party at Settlers Cove

Laurel's biggest birthday yet (10 years old!) is also the last birthday we'll celebrate in Alaska.  And it was one that will never be forgotten.

She chose to have her final Alaskan birthday on the beach again, but this time we decided to rent the cabin at Settlers Cove.  This way if it rained we could move all the food inside.  And, as an added bonus, when the  party was over we sat by the dying fire, watched the sun fade into the sea and then crawled into the cabin and read our family novel by lantern light.

I have never seen a child glow like this.

Thankfully Alaska provided the entertainment.  Except for few moments to refuel on food, or whack the pinata; mostly the kids were running through the woods, climbing trees, walking along the beach and playing in the cabin.

We had good friends, good food and a beautiful view.  I don't think you can ask for more than that.

It was perfect.

(And since Laurel made the cookies and the pinata, all I had to do was the cake...which fell over twice on the way to the cabin. Yes...twice.)

The next day Luke woke up with his eye like this...don't know what bit him...but it ain't pretty.

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