Thursday, May 31, 2012

Excuse me, but those earrings are a LITTLE fishy

Seriously...they are totally fishy. Because they're fish!

I haven't done too much jewelry, but I'm still carrying around the wire and beads from when I did the crocheted jewelry a few years ago. I started up this project to clear my brain and try something different. It's a frustrating project because it's hard to keep the wire from bending (in the wrong places). And I had several small pieces of wire which made things a little hard to manage until it was complete.

I liked the initial look of the plain fish, but decided I wanted to try hammering it. So I grabbed a regular hammer and a piece of wood...that didn't work. All I did was smash my finger and make a fish impression on the wood.

So next I used a flat stone that we found on the beach. It worked ok, though I think I need to practice this skill a little more. After the hammering I decided it was still missing something, so I wired on a bead for the eye. I actually really loved the way it came out and wore the one earring by itself all day. (I didn't make it's partner till the next day...and honestly it was harder because I had to make it look like the previous one)

If you've never done any of this, it's worth a try. I bought all of the original materials at Hobby Lobby with a 50% off coupon, and it's lasted me through several projects (and only cost like $30; including the tools, 3 spools of wire and 3 packs of beads). Then I just sat down with the pliers, cutters and wire and started shaping a fish. That's how I learn a new skill, I just sit down and mess around until it either works, or I get too frustrated and give it up. It's not fancy...but it's my way.

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